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How Chiropractic Works

For over 100 years chiropractors have said that the body works together as a whole and this whole body is controlled and directed by the nerves.  This is part of chiropractics' holistic approach to overall health.

Science has found that our nervous system not only controls and directs our cells, tissues and organs of our body, but it delivers vital healing energy  to the entire body over nerve pathways.  Chiropractors call this nerve energy innate intelligence. It is the physiological presence of nerve signals.

When nerves become pressured or impinged, like when vertebrae misalign and cause nerve irritation or pressure, that nerve energy is distorted or cut off.  The effect is frequently pain and other health problems.

Nerve irritation in the neck can cause shoulder, arm and hand pain.  Nerve pressure in the lower spine can effect the low back, hips, legs and feet.  There are a wide variety of other health problems that nerve pressure can cause. 

Chiropractic works because it realigns the spine and releases the pressure put on the nerves.  Once the pressure and irritation is cleared up, it ends the associated pain and other related health problems.