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Patient's Testimonials

Alice B.

I first started to go to Dr. Myers' office about six months ago. I was suffering from severe asthma, headaches, and lower back pains. After a couple of adjustments I started to feel as if I had more energy than before, the headaches and lower back pains were almost gone. Now that it has been six months my headaches are very rare and I haven't had any lower back pain!

Before I started to see Dr. Myers I was spending a ton of money on medications for asthma and I just couldn't do it any longer. My boyfriend, who was a patient of Dr. Myers had mentions my asthma problems. Dr. Myers told him chiropractic care could improve and in the best case could cure my asthma problems. It took a while for me to be convinced to go see Dr. Myers and now I wouldn't have it any other way. I have not had to use any medication since then. I am able to go out and do more things without having my asthma act up.

Miranda F.

I met Dr. Myers at a College Health Fair where he performed the Myo Vision Static Graphic (tests the muscle tension which shows if a patient has vertebral sublaxation). My levels were off the charts, red, in all areas tested. I had been having daily headaches, and migraines about twice a week. I work as a nurse, have two small children, and attend school; all have contributed to back and neck pain for a number of years. I also have a lot of hip pain from an injury I sustained a number of years ago.

I was nervous about going to my first appointment with Dr. Myers, but after a few minutes with him I was relaxed. After my assessment and x-rays, he came up with a treatment plan. After my first adjustment, I was a little sore, but felt much better. Since I have started treatment, I have not had a single headache or migraine. I have been able to sleep well; I sleep comfortably and through the night. My hip pain is gone, even after working a 12 hour shift standing at the hospital. My husband has noticed how well I have been feeling and he has even told me that I seem happier. Perhaps the most surprising thing about my adjustments is when I think I am feeling great and couldn't feel any better, Dr. Myers adjusts me and I feel incredible. It is amazing.

Kimberly C.

Dr. Myers produced results for me that I never before thought possible with chiropractic care. I have gone three months without a headache (previously and everyday occurrence), and the nagging tension in my shoulders, neck and back have vanished as well. Thanks so much, Dr. Myers!